CISO. IT Network Security Engineer. Excavator Operator

I have been in the IT Industry since 1987, and worked on both the buying and selling side. I started my career buying, but now I am selling. It's more fun here.

I started as a Network/IT-Manager for an independent members-association in 1988, and spent my first six professional years there. A truly amazing time in my life! I learnt a lot, had great fun and met my future wife. Although I didn't know it at the time... And funnily enough, I was offered the job thanks to having worked there the summer of '87, in the Finance Department.  After I was out of school in '88, I was unsure of what to do for a living. So I called them back and asked for a 'Summer Job'. And they said 'No, we don't want you for a Summer Job on the Finance Department.  But would you consider becoming CTO and taking care of all IT? And by the way, can you start tomorrow?'. And so I started my career in IT...

In 1994 I moved on to a Swedish vendor, Ericsson. Started learning unix, networking and IP (IP as in 'Internet Protocol'). But it was a too big and clumsy company for me.

1995 - got married.

1996 - I started working for an American vendor of Networking products - 3Com. More fun, more work, higher pay. Also higher stress, more travel, more learning.

1996 - Daughter arrived. I decided to not travel anymore.

1997 - I started as a Networking consultant. And moved into network security as well.

1998 - Son arrived.

2000 - Worked as a Security Consultant (Audits, penetration tests, reviews, design etc).

2004 - I came in touch with an American vendor of Network Security products - Fortinet.

2005 - I joined Fortinet and worked there until 2015. Exactly 10 years, minus one day. My father had advised me not to stay too long on the same job. So no more than 10 years.

2006 - Divorced.

2014 - Married again with my Lady whom I met at my first job.

2015 - Co-founded Netsecure Sweden AB, as CTO. I also do consulting. Most predominantly as CISO or similar.

2020, March - And here the Netsecure Story ended for me. The day before my 5 yr anniversary was my last day. I was just fed up with the IT and Information Security business. Consulting for clients who never appreciate the job you do, always moan about the costs, moan about the inadequacy of the products and vendors that 'will solve everything'. Sure, I get it. Who wants to spend money on a product that maybe will minimize your risks? But no guarantees given. So I have decided to do something completely different - and start working with excavation and the really big and FUN toys!

2020, October - And I am back in the IT industry. Working with excavation is truly satisfying for me personally, but terrible when I have bills to pay... So I have restarted my consultancy within IT in general and IT-Security in particular.

2020, November. Divorced again.

2021, January - Joined Certezza as an IT Security Consultant.

2021, May - Received an Offer i couldn't refuse, from LogPoint. A SIEM Vendor and they needed a Pre-Sales System Engineer. Right upp my alley, and very happy for the opportunity!