IT Security consultant


Tornado Data is a dormant one-man IT Network Security Consultancy. I have had the business and domain registered since 1994, but it was most active early 2000.

Since May 2021 I am employed at LogPoint, a Danish SIEM Vendor.

I used to do ground work with my excavator during 2020, but that has been put on hold. Östnora Invest.

Between April 2015 and March 2020 I was co-founder and CTO of Netsecure Sweden AB. But I took a personal Timeout during 2020 and left the IT Security Business after some 30+ years. Temporarily. I felt it was time to do something completely different and more satisfying. But now I am back into the IT industry again.

The name 'Tornado Data' has nothing to do with data about tornadoes. Rather it refers to my High School year in the US, where the football team was called Laurel Tornadoes. 'Laurel' as in Laurel, Mississippi. They were fast, strong and could stir up some dirt. 

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